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Core Construction Consulting Full Web-Based Online SupportWhilst Core Construction Products frequently visit clients and building sites, to reduce the number of unnecessary and environmentally irresponsible travelling miles, CCP are also connected to their manufactures and their engineering and architectural community electronically.

Interim meetings and discussions can frequently and easily take place by teleconferencing, for which Core have developed the habit of suggesting a GoTo Meeting session first, and only carrying out a full site visit if necessary - plus suggesting YouTube video presentations and attending webinars with strategic sustainable partners to keep up to date.

Core Construction Products are totally committed to good honest communication. If they don't know the solution, they tell the client - However, They Will Find the Answer.

Make it happen - Call Core Construction Products for an initial consultation at 1-888-596-2399 or contact by email here to ensure an invite to their next useful Green Building Webinar

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