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Core Construction Products - Consulting Services Take-off EstimatingAccurate estimating from plans is a skill that improves with experience, and this is improved even further with hands on product knowledge – so that every eventuality is foreseen from the outset. Beware low initial quotes from other building product or system suppliers for green building products, are we certain they have counted everything needed to successfully complete the build? A frequent complaint in the industry comes from inexperienced estimators preparing a quote – and that products run out before the project completion.

Choose Core Construction Products for detailed take-off estimating to be certain that the quote received is what the job will cost...

Send Core a set of plans that can be emailed in a pdf or a workable cad format and they will organize a conference call or GoToMeeting to go over the details and finalize requirements. Yes, It’s absolutely that simple to progress any green build project in America today ….

Make it happen - Call Core Construction Products for an initial consultation at 1-888-596-2399 or contact by email and send plans here...

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