Energy Efficient Building Solutions,

From the Ground Up

Build LEED and Energy Efficient or Net Zero Hurricane Safe with local USGBC Experts Core Construction Products since 2001, in Massachusetts & North East America


"To Assist Individuals and Professionals to build Environmentally Responsible, Well Insulated, Hurricane Safe and LEED rated Homes by an informed choice of High Performance Green Building Materials and correct Specification and Installation."

Using affordable ICF and concrete structures to help build Durable Green Homes since 2001, Core Construction Products have the Experience to help choose materials that don't cost the Earth!

Take the First Step to ensure a successful Green Building project, Pick up the phone, Have a conversation, or send an email and lay the foundations with Core Construction Products...

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"Green Building Solutions, From the Ground Up" - On Insulated Foundations and a Radon protected Slab build the walls with Insulating Concrete Forms Braced for the concrete pour, reinforced with Micro Rebar and finished with Durable Stucco.

Choose from the best Green Building Products for safe, durable and highly insulated construction adapted for North Eastern America and Canada.

Find Legalett Frost Protected Shallow Foundation, BuildBlock ICF, Colbond Drainage and Radon protection, Fab-Form Concrete Forming, Giraffe ICF Bracing, Helix Micro-Rebar & Sider-Crete Colored Stucco finishes at the best prices here...

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"People are starting to realize that Building with ICF to today's Environmental Standards is often the same price or even cheaper than building stick frame, and results in a Home that is naturally solid, air tight, well insulated and low maintenance."

Building better structures, homes designed to withstand weather extremes like Hurricane Sandy, and provide years of low energy costs requires Expertise - precisely what Core Construction Products specializes in.

Our Services include Engineering Support, Take- off Estimating, Online Project Assistance with GoToMeeting & AIA Certified CE presenters...

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Building a USGBC LEED certified or Energy Star Green Home in North Eastern USA or Canada? Then Read on ►►

Think to contact the experts in Green Building for MA and Northeastern USA - Core Construction Products LLC - for energy efficient or hurricane safe building projects in New York, New Jersey, CT, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Moncton and New Brunswick.

Suppliers of Green Building Materials for over 12 years, with over 20 years combined experience in the building industry, The Core Construction team are also consultants for green construction project developments, Radon Resistant New Construction ( RRNC ), Passivhaus, Energy Star or LEED certified buildings, right up to Net Zero Homes - providing a project management team, job-site support, logistics, project vision, Engineering support, take-off estimating....

Think how Simple, quicker and cheaper having all these resources and products working in harmony will make any Green building project!

Core Construction's professionals have full “Go To Meeting” online computer capability, provide web-based support (to ensure fee structures and CO2 project footprint are kept to a minimum) with American Institute of Architects (AIA) accredited Continuing Education presenters.

Having the assistance of the highly experienced Core Construction team from the start on any high energy efficient or hurricane resistant structure Guarantees Money Savings and an outstanding result through the smart choice of materials, techniques, experienced contractors and specialised expertise.

Core Construction Products have been instrumental in successful and Award Winning Green Building projects throughout the North East of America - long before it become “fashionable” – and their common sense approach is invaluable to ensure the required building specification is met or exceeded :-

"Building Green, Within Time, Within Budget" is our mantra.

Get things moving, find out how great, easy and cost effective it is to have the Core Construction team onboard - Contact Core in under a minute here and Get an initial Free Consultation or Quote.

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