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Frost Protected Shallow Foundations Videos

Frost Protected Shallow Foundations, or FPSF’s, are alternatives to deeper and more costly conventional foundations that are used in regions that experience seasonal ground freezing and the potential for frost heave. FPSF design allows footings to be founded above the traditional design frost depth, by insulating the foundation and ground in a manner that prevents the ground freezing below the foundation.            

Below you will find a selection of Videos that show how easy Frost Protected Shallow Foundations are to design and install.

What are Frost Protected Shallow or Structural Foundations?  
Watch an actual design and installation of a GEO-Slab Frost Protected Shallow Foundation Forms in Ontario, Canada here...

How Easy and Fast is it to install a Frost Protected Shallow Foundation using the GEO-Slab System by Legalett?  
Watch this time-lapse video of a garage addition being installed utilizing the GEO-Slab frost protected shallow foundation system.

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