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Enkamat® ASV System

Colbond Metal Roof Underlayment Enkamat ASV SystemEnkamat 7010 / 7020 ASV Metal roof underlay from Colbond is so advanced, it’s Patent Pending….

This outstanding above sheathing ventilation provides a thermal break layer under metal roofing, in one single product reducing heating and cooling costs, draining moisture and reducing sound transmission.

Enkamat 7010 / 7020 ASV is a nylon matrix used for drainage and ventilation in metal, protected membrane, and ballasted roofing applications. This product is used when a weather barrier membrane has already been placed on the sheathing and a high performance drainage and ventilation layer is specified.

  • 95% random open matrix provides unrestricted flow of water and air
  • Tested to reduce rooftop temperatures at sheathing by 20%
  • Allows differential movement due to temperature change and thermal expansion and contraction.
  • Promotes evaporation of moisture out of the roofing structure, keeping the frame dry and in great shape.
  • Lightweight, easy to get onto roof, handle and install
  • Flexible and conformable on any surfaceCuts easily with scissors / utility knife 

Metal Roof Underlayment Above-Sheating Ventilation System - Colbond Enkamat - Under constructionIn addition to creating a cavity for a thermal break (increasing energy efficiency), Enkamat also provides an effective acoustic break, reducing impact noise (rainfall, hail, sleet) up to 50% - or up to 21dB attenuation. Choose Enkamat Metal Roofing Underlayment, is to choose outstanding performance and benefits, at an affordable cost.  

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