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Fab-Form Monopour System for Concrete Footings and ICF Wall Construction In One-Step

Fab-Form Monopour System for pouring Concrete footings & ICF Walls in one stepFab-Form's Monopour is the world's first ICF monopour system where footings & ICF walls are poured at the same time saving thousands of dollars. The MonoPour system provides complete protection of the footing against ground moisture, no stakes, no forming lumber, no stripping.

The Fab-Form Monopour system uses the ICF block itself to form the footing. It's simple - drill adjustable side supports to hold the ICF walls above the ground at the exact footing height. Fastfoot is attached to the bottom of the ICF walls and automatically forms the footing.

The Fab-Form Monopour system eliminates all footing lumber, labor to install, pour, screed, and strip footings. No cold joingt and no headaches of interfacing ICF to pre-poured footing. 

Fab-Form Monpour is the most efficient and cost effective method of forming foundations.

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Monopour Process

  • Your drawings are converted into 3D foundation components, showing the exact length of each component and location of side supports.
  • Working drawings are prepared for your approval;
  • Once approved, side supports, Fastfoot® and Zont™ bracing are shipped;
  • You glue the ICF blocks into components as per the working drawings (either off site or on site);
  • You attach pairs of side supports as detailed on the working drawings;
  • You attach Fastfoot® to the bottom edges each component;
  • You assemble and brace all components using the Zont™ Bracing System;
  • You pour concrete using Helix® steel reinforcing. 

How it Works:

Drill Adjustable Side Supports

Pairs of side supports are screwed to the internal plastic web of the ICF block at approximately 6' on center. An electric drill + extended driver is used to quickly adjust the wall height. The side supports work with all horizontal ICF blocks with ties molded into the EPS.

The supports consist of a sheet metal attachment flange, 1/2" diameter threaded adjuster and an injection-molded plastic foot pad.

The flange is made of solid 10 gauge steel and has a metal tab that connects with the bottom of the ICF web, preventing the side support from sliding up the block. This ensures accurate wall height adjustment

The two part plastic feet allows the set screw to rotate in the foot during the adjustment process and allows for 12 degrees of angular movement in all directions to accommodate uneven ground.

Fab-Form MonPour system for ICF walls and footings in one stepReinforced Fastfoot® Corners & T-Junctions

Fastfoot® is screw attached to the bottom edges of the ICF components, ensuring the footing concrete is completely protected from rising damp.

Corners and T-junctions are pre-sewn to make installation fast and cost effective.

Zont™ Bracing

The bracing was designed specifically for use with the monopour system. Scaffolding loads are transfered directly to the ground through the strongback, without interfering with the footing concrete. The system is simple and cost effective, consisting of Zont™ brackets, Zuckle™ wall aligners and site available 2x4s.

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