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The Giraffe ICF Bracing System

Giraffe ICF Bracing & Racking Systems - Energy Efficient Green Building ProductsAs the leader in design, manufacturing and distribution of Insulating Concrete Forms ICF Bracing and components for the 21st century, The Giraffe ICF Bracing System uses cutting-edge product development and the highest quality durable materials possible. Having listened to customer feedback Giraffe Bracing incorporated improvements into the products, allowing the safe bracing and support for building walls of 10', 15' and 20' high. Incorporating resistant 14 gauge rolled edge galvanised steel, internal stay-clean zinc-plated turnbuckles and heavy duty zinc-plated gravity pins for security. 

Don’t waste another cent or precious time and resources trying to brace ICF with timber – work safely, securely and straight on ICF building projects in the North East and Canada with Giraffe ICF Bracing Systems - Standing tall above other manufacturers for ICF Bracing and Green Construction - Core Construction Products choose Giraffe ICF Bracing for their value for money, excellent quality and ease of handling...  

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Giraffe is the best ICF Bracing System on the market:

Giraffe ICF Bracing Straight Backs System Energy Efficient Green Building ProductsGiraffe straight backs

Giraffe straight backs stack together, making storage and transportation easier. The rolled edges make it easier on the hands and tougher against bending.

Giraffe ICF Bracing Internal Zinc Plated Turnbuckles Energy Efficient Green Building ProductsInternal zinc-plated turnbuckles

Internal zinc-plated turnbuckles eliminate frozen or sticky threads. No thread clean-up required ever.

Giraffe ICF Bracing Heavy Duty Zinc Plated Gravity Pins Energy Efficient Green Building ProductsHeavy duty zinc-plated gravity pins

Heavy duty zinc-plated gravity pins are quick and easy to use, and with Giraffe’s exclusive racking are easy to keep track of.

Giraffe ICF Bracing Coupler System Energy Efficient Green Building ProductsCoupler system

Simple, fast and sturdy is what these couplers are all about. They make tall-wall ICF applications easy.

Giraffe ICF Bracing Foot Plate System Energy Efficient Green Building ProductsLarge one-piece foot plate

This molded foot piece is extra durable due to no welds. Six large holes allow use of a ¾" steel stake, with four smaller holes provided for screws. It is also adaptable for use in a tall-wall situation, with an extra location for a tall-wall turnbuckle.

Giraffe ICF Bracing Platform Brackets Energy Efficient Green Building ProductsPlatform brackets

These heavy duty brackets fold for easy storage and have a positive snap open position for fast installation of gravity pins.

Giraffe ICF Bracing Waling Platform Energy Efficient Green Building ProductsWalking platform

Snap-in-place guard rails are fast and easy to use.

Giraffe ICF Bracing Racking System Energy Efficient Green Building ProductsRacking system

This rack holds 24 sets of bracing and has a spot for everything. With a glance, you know for sure that every component is accounted for.

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